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WHO AM II am a Success Strategist

Tim is a business consulting and marketing expert who leads change. When approaching any business challenge – from increasing engagement on social media to overhauling a long held system – he thinks beyond what’s in front of him. Tim cuts through old processes and dreams up big picture solutions. Tim is a visionary.

His experience ranges from helping startups find their feet to working for large corporate organizations. Tim embodies the best of both worlds: he’s tech savvy, adaptable and forward thinking, while maintaining a high level of discipline and composure. He’s worked across every function of business and has a keen understanding of how each component works.

At the forefront of his career is relationship building, which he fosters through communication, authenticity, and going above and beyond. He has a natural way of building trust with others and honoring that trust.

Tim is a success strategist, meaning: he doesn’t scrape by on small solutions, but implements long-term strategies for ongoing success. He seeks to work with businesses and professionals who are equally committed to vision, communication, honesty, and paving the way for change.

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